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The Perfect Hotel for Your OCMD 5K Weekend

Nothing beats a good beach 5K in Ocean City, MD! Picture it and you’ll soon be almost able to taste the salt air and feel the cool breeze as you cross the finish line. But who wants to leave the sun and sand just after their race? Celebrate your successful race by booking the perfect hotel for your OCMD 5K weekend. 

Where to Stay for a 5k in Ocean City, MD

For the best amenities, book at the Grand Hotel for your next race in OCMD! 

  • Close to the Inlet Parking Lot
    Many races start at the Inlet Parking Lot because it’s a convenient and spacious meeting location for racers and vendors. The Grand Hotel is just a few minutes walk from the Inlet Parking Lot, so you won’t have to worry about being late!
  • On-Site Dining, Parking, and Bar
    In case you’ve done enough running or walking for the weekend, staying at the Grand Hotel means you have easy access to eateries like The Grand Terrace Restaurant, Epic Bar & Grille, Buona Vita Pizzeria, Scoops Ice Cream, Blue Paloma Pool Bar, and Java Beach Café. There’s truly something for everyone, even when everyone’s legs are too sore to walk!
  • Fitness Center and Sauna
    The Grand Hotel’s Fitness Center is a great place to warm up for your running race or take the time to cool down completely. And, using the sauna can increase blood flow, and decrease both tension and soreness post 5K. Where else can you do all of that, AND enjoy a beach getaway?!
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
    The best way to curb post-race soreness is to reduce the lactic acid buildup by stretching and moving your muscles. When pounding the pavement is too much, take a relaxing swim in the Grand Hotel’s indoor or outdoor pools. Your muscles will thank you!
  • Laundry Facilities
    Running or walking with friends and family, followed by trips to the sauna or the pool are some of the best ways to have fun and make lasting memories. Riding home in a car smelling like sweat and chlorine is not! The Grand Hotel has laundry facilities on-site so you can take care of the wash before you head home.
  • Great for Groups
    We all have that friend who waits until the last minute to sign up for the race. Encourage your running group to book with the Grand Hotel so that everyone can decide at their own pace, choose their own room, and stay as long as they choose!
  • Rewards
    You might get a medal at the finish line, but Grand Gold is the true reward for your 5K weekend. When you book directly, your reservation qualifies you to select from rewards like meal vouchers or discounts at restaurants, spas, salons, family entertainment, and golf!

Book your 5K weekend at the Grand Hotel in OCMD now! View offers and rewards