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Stay Safe at the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland

When heading to Ocean City, Maryland for a weekend away, it is important that travellers ensure they look after themselves, as there are many situations that could potentially compromise their wellbeing. Tourists must think of what could potentially happen before they head to a sunny destination such as the beautiful resort town of Ocean City in the US state of Maryland. Travellers must consider some important tips and advice before they head on holiday to a beach destination.

Updated Beach 300x99 Stay Safe at the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland

Beach Safety

There are some important things to think about when heading to the beach, as travellers must look out for warning flags and actually know what they mean. Generally the red flags mean a strong current and on some beaches mean the area is closed. Yellow flags mean that there are moderate currents and that tourists need to be cautious in the water. Green flags indicate the ocean is clear and blue or purple flags mean dangerous marine life such as sharks and jellyfish are nearby, so it is important to be careful when swimming.

Weather Conditions and Rip Currents

It is vital that travellers check the weather before they head out to the beach as even in hot destinations there could be lightning on its way. Tourists also need to look out for rip current that is a strong channel of water coming from the shore out into the water. These can pull even a great swimmer out to sea, so visitors in the ocean should be careful. If tourists get taken out into the water they need to stay calm and try to save their energy by letting the current carry them for a while. The main thing is they need to keep breathing and try not to swim against the current, and if all else fails they have to wave their arms for a lifeguard.

Where to Stay

A fabulous destination to book into is the Grand that is found near the water close to numerous landmarks on the boardwalk. This oceanfront residence is one of the best hotels in Ocean City, Maryland that offers tourists great rooms. They can stay in modern living spaces with a range of excellent amenities including free wireless internet. There are large meeting rooms available, and five eateries with tasty food on offer including American-style breakfasts. Visitors can use the lovely fitness centre, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and relax at the impressive Aqua Day Spa that has a range of soothing treatments.

Skin Care

Travellers must take care of their skin by putting on sunscreen at regular intervals through their time on the beach. This will help them with combatting any sunburn, as well as more serious potential problems such as cancer that could develop through a high amount of exposure. Tourists must also carry a sun hat, umbrella and a tent if possible to cover them on the beach. The peak hours when the sun becomes very hot is 10am to 4pm, and sunglasses should also be worn during this time. Visitors to the beach must also not drink too much alcohol as it will dehydrate them increasing the likelihood of getting heat sickness