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Welcome Sign at Ocean City, Maryland, USA

How to Save Money While Vacationing

We all want to know how to save money while vacationing, and lucky for you, the Grand Hotel knows quite a few ways to get the best bang for your buck when traveling to Ocean City, MD! Who says vacations have to be expensive?

Save when booking your room, planning activities, eating at your favorite restaurants, and more with these tips and exclusive discounts. The Grand Hotel is here to give you the best beach trip possible. Book your room today and save, save, save!

5 Tips to Save Money in Ocean City, MD

  • Visit in the Off-Season

Ocean City, MD is a popular spot for visitors during the summer months. The crowds and demand cause prices to be higher when you’re booking your stay or looking for fun activities nearby. Instead, opt for the off-season and see the perks like lower-priced hotel rooms, restaurant specials, and all there is to explore in town.

  • Travel During the Week

If you are traveling in peak tourist season, planning your trip on the weekdays is the way to go. No one likes to sit in traffic and wait in line, so get there before the crowds do! Then, you can book reservations and plan activities in advance, giving you more time to enjoy every minute of your vacation. 

  • Take Advantage of Hotel Deals

Keep an eye on those hotel deals! You’ll start to pick up on trends of usual times during the year that discounts and packages are offered. Like we said before, the off-season and weekdays are a great time to take advantage of these deals. Check out the fun vacation packages the Grand Hotel is offering for our guests!

  • Book Directly

Did you know that when you book directly with the Grand Hotel, your reservation comes with six FREE vacation rewards?! Access to exclusive rewards vouchers to a variety of local restaurants and attractions are ONLY available online when you book direct. Simple book your stay here and claim your free items when you receive your confirmation email. 

  • Explore OC’s Super Deals

Our friends at Explore OC have a great opportunity for you to save BIG on your favorite Ocean City restaurants and food, things to do, and shopping with Super Deals! Local businesses partner with Explore OC to offer you exclusive discounts that you can’t find anywhere else. 

How are you saving money on your next beach vacation? Let the Grand Hotel help with that. Book your stay today and contact one of our reservation specialists for more information. We’ll see you soon!