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Beach Safety in OCMD

When you are on vacation there is nothing better than a day spent at the beach and this is exactly the case in Ocean City, Maryland.  There are endless stretches of golden sand, glistening ocean and so much fun to be had by the entire family.  As with any days out however, there are a number of important things to keep in mind so that everyone stays safe and so that you adhere to the rules laid out by City Ordnance and monitored by the Beach Patrol.


It is important than you follow any guidelines laid out by the lifeguards and beach patrol with regards to swimming safety.  This might mean not swimming in marked out areas or keeping closer to the shore.  The ocean might look calm but that doesn’t mean there aren’t currents and riptides underneath the surface which could cause a swimmer to get into trouble.  Only swim if lifeguards are on duty and check with them about swimming conditions before you head out into the water.


During the summer months, surfing is only permitted on the beach in two designated areas unless you are surfing outside of 10am-5.30pm.  These areas are clearly marked although, of course if you are staying in one of the hotels in Ocean City, Maryland you might want to head down to the beach first thing to surf before the beach gets busy; providing the lifeguards are there of course.  The beach doesn’t officially open to the public until 5am and everyone must have vacated by 10pm.


There are refreshments shacks and shops dotted all along the Boardwalk which is in easy reach of the beach or you can easily pack up your own picnic to enjoy whilst you are down on the sands.  Fires and cooking is not permitted at any time on the beach so leave the barbecues well alone and be sure to decant any liquids which may be in glass containers as these are also prohibited.


There are lots of ways to stay entertained whilst you are on the beach from listening to music to sunbathing and reading a good book.  Providing you are being respectful of those around you and conscientious of others then you should have little issue.  However the beach patrol will be on hand and regulating ball games, music, kite flying and any other activity which may spoil the experience for everyone on the beach if done too loudly or vigorously.

When in Doubt

If you have concerns whilst on the beach then speak to the beach patrol or the lifeguards and if you see anyone in trouble or distress out on the water than immediately notify the lifeguards on duty.  If there are no lifeguards within sight then call 9-1-1.  Even the strongest swimmers should not attempt to rescue anyone on their own.

Ultimately the best way to get the most out of your time at Ocean City is to respect the rules and respect the ocean and you will find that everyone has a fantastic time on this wonderful beach.