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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Flight

Although flying can open up a world of possibilities for us, it is also well known that flying can often be an uncomfortable experience.  Whether it’s the lack of leg room, the constant whirring of the re-circulated air or simply the boredom of sitting in the same seat for hours on end, there isn’t much to love about flying.  But there are some ways in which you can ensure you are as comfortable as possible, no matter how long you will be in the air:-

Dress Comfortably

We all like to imagine that if we dress smartly we might be afforded an upgrade to first class but there chances of that happening are so slim that it probably just pays to dress for comfort rather than for class.  Layers are key are flights can often be a little on the chilly side as are any items of clothing which don’t constrict.  This is also relevant for footwear too; pick shoes you can easily get on and off to allow your feet the chance to breathe on the flight.

Choosing your Seats

A number of airlines will now allow you to choose your seats when booking and even if you have to pay for this service, it is something to consider.  You could ensure you are seated by the window if you like to look out at the horizon as you fly or make sure you get the seats with extra leg room.  Whatever will make you the most comfortable, choose your seat accordingly.  If you don’t opt to book your seats beforehand then there might be the possibility to switch with a fellow passenger, although this isn’t something which should be relied upon.

Drink H2O

A glass of wine to help ease pre-flight nerves is fine but keep alcohol and caffeine drinking to a minimum if you want any chance of stepping off your flight alert, bright-eyed and ready to face your next stop.  Water really is your best friend when you are flying and you should do your best to stay as hydrated as possible.

Get Some Rest

Unless you are willing to pay through the nose then it can be difficult to guarantee what time you will be flying so if possible, try to factor in time to rest either before you fly out or just after you have landed.  This might mean looking up accommodation near to your destination airport, such as Maryland hotels or it might mean allowing yourself some extra time at either end of your travelling but the more rest you get, the more refreshed you will be.

Keep Busy

There is no denying that flying can be a pretty boring experience, especially if you are travelling alone so make sure you have a variety of ways to keep busy.  This might mean a schedule of in-flight movies, the latest book release or a playlist of quality music you can switch off to; whatever keeps your mind busy so you aren’t counting down the minutes until landing will be a real winner.